Træningsuge for aktivister, XR,

24. februar 2020 kl. 10:00 – 28. februar 2020 kl. 11:00
Teglværksvej 30 4420 Teglstrup

Dear Activist,

For the past year activism for social, environmental and economic justice has been growing and building at a fast pace, and you have contributed to having an important impact.

While we continue to grow in numbers, we see a need for strengthening our collaboration and develop together the tools for successful action and campaigns for change. Therefor, all activists are invited for a 5-day training camp.

A place of inter-movement learning, knowledge and skills sharing in a co-created space. While some activities have been planned, we intend for the camp to be open for spontaneous activities and welcome workshops, events and much more from participants in addition to the scheduled programme.
Besides various workshops and trainings, we hope to create a social and regenerative space with room for fun and games.

The week is an initiative by Extinction Rebellion, and all activists are welcome. Participation is free, including sleeping space and food. We will cover your transportation costs with the cheapest available transportation thanks to a donation from Klimakampens Støtteforening.

There are beds for up to 70 people at Makvärket, but you will need to bring a warm sleeping bag or duvet and sheets. It is also a good idea to bring a warm sweater, socks as well as headlamps and flashlights. And of course boardgames, musical instruments etc. are always welcome.

If you want to take part, fill in this​ ​form​ to sign up and help us with the logistics of the week:

When signed up you will receive an email in the week leading up to the training camp where you can sign up for practical responsibilities etc. Until then, you can keep updated on Facebook:

We look forward to building together with you.

Love & Rage,
The Climate Agency Camp Team

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